Terms of Use | sQan me

(in other words: the legal stuff)

Most people won’t actually read the ‘legal stuff’, but we have tried to make it as comprehensible as we can. Because it is important that you stick by the rules. So that we can make the sQan me app fun for everyone, including us.

What is sQan me?

sQan me is a useful, easy to use mobile business card app.

Who can use sQan me?

You can use sQan me if you are 16 years or older and legally authorized to conclude agreements under applicable law.

You can also use sQan me if you are not restricted from doing so, for example due to export controls in any jurisdiction, if you are listed on a restricted parties list in any jurisdiction or if we have previously blocked your sQan me account.

What you can do when using sQan me

So. What can you do when using sQan me?

What you can do is download, install and use sQan me for your own purposes. This means that you can install it on a mobile device and you can make use of its functionalities and features. The functionalities and features you can use vary depending on the type of subscription you choose.

You can add your own details and photograph and other things (if that’s operational) in sQan me. Make sure your details, photograph and other things are correct and that you keep them up-to-date. You can change all of this at any time in sQan me.

It’s up to you which details you fill out in your business card, but you must at least include your first and last name and email address.

What you must do in order to use sQan me

What you must do to be able to use sQan me – if you don’t use the free version – is pay the subscription fee. Depending on the type of subscription you have chosen, you pay the corresponding subscription fee through the App store. You pay the fee as indicated in the App store. You thereby authorize the app store provider to pay the subscription fee to us.

What you can’t do in connection with sQan me

So. That’s what you can do.

There are several things you can’t do, or allow anyone else to do:

You may not use sQan me for illegal (etc.) purposes or activities

We know it makes sense, but you may not use sQan me for any illegal purposes or activities. Or use it in any way which may be harmful or disrespectful, to others or to us. We can list all kinds of examples of the things that are illegal, harmful or disrespectful – we actually do list a few of these below – but we think you know pretty well what isn’t allowed.

You may not pose as another person

sQan me is a fun app, but it’s also a professional app. You may therefore not pose as another person because this would harm the other sQan me users’ trust.

You may not copy, or license or sell sQan me to others

What also you can’t do, is grant or transfer the right granted to you to any others, or make copies – or parts of it – of sQan me, or sell it to others. You may however sell or otherwise hand over the property of the device on which sQan me is installed, including the sQan me app, if this is permitted under applicable mandatory law. You must log out of your account so that any new user cannot use (or misuse) your sQan me account, and all the information in it. If you want to continue using sQan me on another device, download sQan me, log in into your account and you will have access to all your information during your paid subscription period.

You may not make changes to sQan me

What you also can’t do, is make changes to the sQan me app, except of course when you are adding information and files and other things to make use of it.

You may also not reverse engineer sQan me or otherwise derive the source code of sQan me, except if this is permitted by applicable mandatory law. In that case we ask you to contact us first to ask for information to bring about the interoperability of sQan me with other software. You may however, in no event, re-use the source code – or parts of it – without our prior written consent.

You may not infringe our intellectual property rights

We’ve worked hard on making sQan me and have invested time and money in it. So, you may also not otherwise infringe our intellectual property rights.

For example (but not limited thereto), this means you may not register the sQan me, or a similar brand name as a domain name, use sQan me as a brand for another product, service or app, remove or change property markings from sQan me or make them unreadable, or circumvent technical measures that we have implemented in sQan me to secure our rights. We regard infringement of our intellectual property rights as a default under the agreement with you.

That wasn’t a whole lot, was it? Anyway. If you do do any of these things, we reserve the right to take those actions we think are appropriate to make you stop doing it. We may do so after we’ve asked you to stop and you haven’t, or if we think it’s so serious we must take immediate action.

If you believe another sQan me user does not stick by these rules, you can report this to us using the contact details below under “How can you contact us?”. If we have a notice and take down procedure, then that procedure applies.

What you can expect from us after you have downloaded the sQan me app

What can you expect from us after you have downloaded sQan me?

sQan me contains the functionalities and other specifications as indicated at the moment you download sQan me (this means it is provided “as is”). We are continuously working on improving the cool stuff you can do with sQan me, but we can’t guarantee that it has full functionality, that it is free from errors or that it operates 24/7.

We don’t provide you with ongoing support but will try to answer your questions about sQan me, and if there are lot of them, we’ll make FAQ’s.

When we release a new version of sQan me, it is important that you download the new version because it may contain extra security measures or other important new or altered functionality. Not downloading new releases is at your own risk.

To use sQan me, you’ll have to arrange your own device, the appropriate operating system (sQan me is not available for all operating systems) and internet access. Your operator may charge you for the internet access.

Your intellectual property rights

We do not claim any rights in the information or files or other things you upload into sQan me. This always remains your property. We will not re-use any of it, except to enable you to use sQan me or if you give us your explicit prior consent for specific use of it, for example because we’d like to use your business card in an advertisement.

You must ensure that you own the information, files and other things you upload to sQan me, and that others cannot make any claims on, or concerning it. You are responsible for any claims from others that we receive in this respect.

If you believe your intellectual property rights have been infringed (in normal language: misused), you can report this to us using the contact details below under “How can you contact us?”. If we have a notice and take down procedure, then that procedure applies.

Our intellectual property rights

Our intellectual property rights in connection with sQan me remain ours or our licensors’. When you have downloaded sQan me, you get a license to use it. We reserve all other rights. No intellectual property rights are transferred to you and you are not granted any other licenses then the license to use sQan me.

Your personal data

In order for us to offer you sQan me, we must process your personal data. Please check out or Privacy Policy to find out more about how we use your personal data.

We are the ‘controller’ of your personal data. We assume that you will use other sQan me users’ personal data only for your own personal use of sQan me, not also as a controller of such data.

How long can you use sQan me?

Well, as long as you like, but we have to take into consideration the below.

If you do not stick by the rules of these terms of use, or if we have received complaints about you that we feel are well founded, or if we should have another reason to believe that you may cause harm to us or other sQan me users, we are allowed to block your account. In that case, you are no longer allowed to use sQan me and your license expires. We may do this if we’ve asked you to stop and you haven’t, or if we think it’s so serious we must immediately block your account.

Of course, you can also delete sQan me from your device or end your subscription as indicated in sQan me. In that case, the license also expires. You must however pay the subscription for the indicated subscription term. To use sQan me again after you have deleted it, you will have to download it again from the App store. When you then log in into your account again, and you still have a paid subscription, you will get access to all your information in sQan me.

Although we love the sQan me app, we must reserve the right to stop offering it and to stop offering new versions of sQan me at any point in time. In that case we will notify you through sQan me, and your license expires.

After your license expires you must delete sQan me from your device because it may or will no longer function properly.

What happens if something goes wrong?

Although we don’t want anything to go wrong with sQan me which would lead to you suffering damage, small mistakes can have large consequences.

So, if this happens, then, to the extent this is allowed under applicable law, we, as well as the parties and persons we work with to make sQan available, limit our liability to direct damages, and to either the amount you pay for your subscription, or if this is not deemed reasonable, the amount paid by our insurer. Direct damages are: damage immediately foreseeable the moment the damage arose, being the costs for determining the damage and our liability. We cannot be held liable for indirect damages, consequential damages, special damages, punitive damages, loss of business revenue, loss of profit, loss of business operations, loss of data, loss of business information, reputational damage, damage caused by other sQan me users, damage caused by us blocking your account as set out in these terms of use, or other types of damages other than direct damages, even if you have been advised of the possibility of such damages. These limitations do not apply in case of the intent or gross negligence of our managing directors – who cannot however in any case be held personally liable.

We are not liable for damage as a result of ‘force majeur’ events (in normal language: events that are beyond our reasonable control). This includes amongst others errors in telecommunications infrastructure or the internet, problems with operating system manufacturer of your device, problems with our employees, agents or suppliers which we depend on to make sQan me available.

We also, to the extent this is allowed under applicable law, disclaim all warranties, express or implied, including without limitation, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, results or performance of a service, or non-infringement, or that the servers that make sQan me available are free of viruses or other harmful components.

In any event we can only be liable for damage after we have been served a written notice of default, setting out the default in detail and allowing us a reasonable remedy term of at least two weeks to remedy the default, and if we have then not remedied the default within such term.

You are responsible for any claims from others that we receive, and which are the result of you not following the rules of these terms of use, or any other thing you do.

Can we change these terms of use?

Well, yes. We may have to change these terms of use as time goes by. If we do so, we will notify you thereof in advance or we will introduce the changed terms in a new version of sQan me and let you know they have been updated. You can delete your sQan me and cancel your subscription if you do not agree with the changes.

What else?

We prefer the legal relationship with you to be covered by the laws of the Netherlands, because that’s where we’re located. But applicable mandatory law may determine that another law applies. If it doesn’t then we stick with the laws of the Netherlands.

That’s the same for the court that is entitled to receive a claim, or another type of request from you or from us. Applicable mandatory law may determine which court is authorised to do so, if it doesn’t then we, or you can bring the claim or other type of request before the court of The Hague, in the Netherlands.

In case a provision of these terms of use turns out to be invalid in any way, this will not influence the other provisions of the terms of use. The invalid provision will be deemed replaced by a provision that is valid, in view of its original intent and purpose.

If we do not enforce a certain provision of these terms of use, this does not mean we waive our rights to enforce such, or any other provision.

How can you contact us?

If you have any questions or complaints or another reason to contact us, please send an email to hello@sqanme.com