sQan me features

Aside from being innovative and eco-friendly, sQan me offers a wide selection of networking tools while keeping your privacy in mind.

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    Create an account using your email or Facebook account. Read and accept the terms & conditions and choose your networking plan.


    Fill in your name and e-mail to set the foundation of your first business card. Feel free to add a personal photo, company logo or other business information as well.


    Now that you have your digital business card(s), head into the world and start sharing!

Networking statistics clarified

Ever wonder what happens to your business cards after you have handed them out? There is no tracker on a piece of paper, but with sQan me you’ll be able to track the scans and shares of your business cards with ease. You will also have the option of turning on the sharing button. This means someone who scanned your card can share it with someone else to expand your reach. If the statistics drop, you know what to do, start scanning and sharing!

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Networking Plans

New too networking? Use our free plan to see how our digital business card will enhance your day to day activities. Heavy networker? Jump into premium directly and get used to the true power of sQan me!

What we stand for

Our core values represent how we work and what we care about. We care about you, your surroundings and your social activities. sQan me helps the environment while enhancing your networking skills and keeping your privacy in mind.